Namkari is an acronym for Namib, Kalahari and Richtersveld. Justifiably the Tankwa Karoo may feel left out.


I have travelled to these areas many times, and still, every time I go there, I take unique pictures.


I am indeed only an amateur. Yes, I actually have another job! I do not do this for the money, but since I take the pictures anyway I thought I may aswell share it with whoever may be interested.


And the sports pictures - well obviously it started out with my own kids. I never had the priviledge of watching my girls's sports events with the naked eye, it's always been through the viewfinder of my camera! But now they have grown up, heck, so I take pictures of other kids. Always hunting for that special moment to capture on film ... sensor ...  whatever! If I have managed to take a picture of your child that you like, buy it, it wil make it easier for me to continue doing this, and perhaps bring joy in the life of another child, somewhere in the future.


Jan Marais

Slide Capturing Service


I offer a slide capturing service. I can provide you with digital images of your old 35 mm film slides, captured with my Canon 40D, at approx. 8.5 megapixels to the final product. Cost varies according to the amount of post processing required.


In general you would be able to make up to an A2 print, or you would be able to make a digital slide show that would be of equal quality to the original film slide show.


Per Slide (minimum 50)

R 2,00   -   Capture only

R 3,00   -   Capture and crop

R 4,00   -   Dust, capture and crop

R 6,00   -   Dust, capture, crop and basic P/P

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